The Curse Of Avalon 05/02/06

Korn - Another Brick In The Wall
Clawfinger - Vienna
Moonspell - Sacred
Megaherz - Sacred
Rammstein - Spring!
Jay Gordon (Orgy) - Slept So Long
Rob Zombie - The Scorpion Sleeps
Saltatio Mortis - Equinox
Tristania - Pale Enchantress
Haggard - A Midnight Gathering (Outro)
Lake Of Tears - So Fell
Metallica (S&M) - One
Monster Magnet - Baby Götterdämmerung
Helloween - Dr.Stein (Live)

Rage - Break Your Chains
Stratovarious - Millenium
Edguy - Misguiding Your Life

Tanzwut - Canpona
Subway to Sally - Feuerkind
In Extremo - Raue See
Letzte Instanz - Glockenrequiem
Schandmaul - Herren Der Winde
Corvix Maledictum - Ska-tjuschka
Cultus Ferox - Tamfane

Subway to Sally - Liebeszauber (Live)
Apocalyptica - Nothing Else Matters (Live)
The Sins Of Thy Beloved - Until The Dark
Dreams Of Sanity - The Maiden And The River
Rhapsody - Shadow Of Death

Luca Turilli - Demonheart
Luca Turillis Dreamquest - Virus (Album Version)
Kovenant - New World Oder

Tanzwut - Ihr Wolltet Spass
Saltatio Motris - Dunkler Engel
In Extremo - Vollmond [Wunsch]
Subway to Sally - Kleid Aus Rosen
Letzte Instanz - Das Spiel Beginnt
Schandmaul - Wahre Helden
Subway To sally - Jericho
Corvus Corax - In Taberna
Corvix Maledictium - Devildance
Cultus Ferox - Mutter Erde

Haggard - The Final Victory [Wunsch]
In Extremo - Werd Ich Am Galgen Hochgezogen
Tanzwut - Meer
Manowar - Gates Of Valhalla (Live)

Sisters of Mercy - Marian [wunsch]
The Mission - Like A Hurrican [Wunsch]
Primal Fear - Angel In Black
Manowar - Manowar
Hammerfall - Hammerfall
Masterplan - Crawling From Hell
Gamma Ray - Hell Is Thy Home
Hammerfall - Heros Return [Wunsch]
Sinergy - The Bitch Is Back [Wunsch]
Sonata Arctica - Wildfire

Subway to Sally - Der Sturm
Letzte Instanz - Egotrip
Tanzwut - Nein, Nein
Saltatio Mortis - Heuchler
Schandmaul - Teufelsweib
In Extremo - Herr Mannelig (Live)
Corvix Maledictium - Confusia Maledicta
Subway to Sally - Banks Of Sicely
Cultus Ferox - Bettellied
Letzte Instanz - Sinnfonie

Iron Maiden - Hallowed Be Thy Name (Live 92) [Wunsch]
Guns'n'Roses - Paradise City (Live)
Korn - Word up
Disturbed - Down With The Sinners
Letzte Instanz - Ganz oder gar nicht
Paradise Lost - Self obsessed
Machinae Supremacy - Player One
Rob Zombie - (Go To) California

Nightwish - Moondance
Nightwish - The Riddler
Luca Turilli's Dreamquest - Energy
Luca Turilli - Cosmic Revelation
Therion - The Rise Of
Rob Zombie - Bring Her Down (To Crippletown)
Evereve - You're Mine
Sinergy - Suicide by my Side
luca Turilli - Lord of the Wintersnow
luca Turilli - Demonheart
Grave Digger - The Final War

Gänseblümchen - Ganz schön feist

Manowar - Gods Made Heavy Metal [Wunsch]
Primal Fear - Nuclear Blast [Wunsch]
Tanzwut - Immer Noch Wach (feat. Schandmaul)
Korpiklaani - Beer, Beer
In Extremo - Merseburger Zaubersprüche (Remix)

Corvus Corax - In Taberna (Non Plus Ultra Remix)
Letzte Instanz - Geigenschüler
In Extremo - Ansage Maria
Cornix Maledictium - Floret Silva

Edguy - Le March Des Gendarmes
Moonspell - Trebaruna
Nightwish - Where Were You Last Night
Manowar - Heart Of Steel [Wunsch]

Letzte Instanz - Rapunzel
Subway To Sally - Krötenliebe